Spring Time in Amsterdam

The Netherlands has numerous attractions to make your stay one of the most fun and unforgettable trips of your life. Today we are taking you to Amsterdam, images like clogs, tulips, cheese and windmills spring to mind. But beyond the clichés lie unique sights. Whether you are coming to Amsterdam for a city trip or a beach holiday, Amsterdam has it all. Spring time is a wonderful time to visit Amsterdam! What makes Amsterdam so attractive is the 17th century historical atmosphere combined with the mentality of a modern metropolis creating a friendly and relaxed environment. The small scale of the buildings and the intimacy of the streets, canals and squares create an atmosphere that visitors find unique. Amsterdam is famously gezellig, a Dutch quality that translates as convivial or cozy and is more easily experienced than defined. There’s a sense of time stopping, an intimacy of the here and now that leaves all your troubles behind.


Lose Yourself in a Maze of Canals A visit to Amsterdam isn’t complete without enjoying the canals. They are a symbol of Amsterdam and of great cultural and historical value. Criss-crossed by bridges, 165 canals encircle the city of Amsterdam and keep the sea at bay. The most picturesque of canals is Prinsengracht, lined by shady trees and funky houseboats. Though every canal is beautiful and unique in itself, there are some absolute musts: The Golden Bend: the canal from ‘Leidsestraat’ to ‘Vijzelstraat’ has the most beautiful and magnificent stretch of canal houses of Amsterdam. One view, fifteen bridges: the bridge on the corner of ‘Reguliersgracht’ and ‘Herengracht’ has a unique view over fifteen bridges. Make sure you stand on the side of the street with the odd numbers. Enjoy the beautiful canals and canal houses from the water with one of Amsterdam’s many canal tours.

Picnic with the Locals Grab a blanket and your favorite pair of shades; we are off to the park! Why not take a day to relax on your vacation. For the Perfect Picnic, head to the Vondelpark which is the largest city park in Amsterdam, and certainly the most famous park in the Netherlands. This national heritage monument attracts thousands of people in Amsterdam every day of the week. Vondelpark is loved by Amsterdammers as well as by tourists, and is full of people – enjoying a sunny day, dog-walking, jogging, roller- skating, listening to music, people- watching or just lazing about in the grass. There’s much more to do than enjoying the winding paths, rose garden and ponds of this English landscape park. The Vondelpark has a tea house, restaurant, bar, Film Museum and an open air theater, where you can witness great performances. On Queen’s Day the park turns into the greatest unregulated market you’ve ever seen.


Spring has Sprung Spring is the most beautiful time of the year in Amsterdam so make sure to stop and smell the flowers! The Keukenhof, also known as the Place garden, is the world's best known spring garden, and famous for its stunning tulips and inspirational displays of color. The Keukenhof garden is situated in the heart of tulip growing territory between Amsterdam and The Hague. Every year Keukenhof garden opens its gates to the public and celebrates spring in all its magnificence. This amazing garden has 7 million flower bulbs planted by hand every year, the result is simply breathtaking. During the short two month period that it is open to the public each spring, the Keukenhof garden receives hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Strolling down the garden, it is easy to comprehend how the tulip came to dominate the lives of so many Dutch people hundreds of years ago.

Van Gogh in Amsterdam Let Van Gogh overwhelm you with his amazing works of art and find out how he influenced art history with a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, a truly unique experience. During his ten-year artistic career, Van Gogh was highly prolific which is showcased by 864 paintings and almost 1,200 drawings and prints. No other place in the world has so many paintings of Vincent van Gogh under one roof. The collection consists of more than 200 canvases, 500 drawings and 750 written documents. Together these provide a fantastic insight into his life and work. The Van Gogh Museum was recently renovated, after being closed for seven months; Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is now welcoming visitors with a new exhibition. There is much more to see, much more Van Gogh paintings, many more drawings, letters, artist materials, things that are usually not on view at the Museum.